TW (Video): Two women in Russia survive swing fall on brink of 6,300-foot cliff

TW (Video): Two women survive swing fall on brink of 6,300-foot cliff

Two Russian ladies miraculously survived a fall from a swing on the brink of a 6,300-foot cliff.

On social media, a heart-stopping video of the event has gone viral. On the Caspian Sea, it occurred in the Sulak Valley of the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

The two young ladies are riding a swing on the edge of a 6,300-foot cliff when the swing chain breaks and the swing seat flips. They landed on a tiny wooden platform just beyond the cliff edge as they plummeted towards the brink of the high cliff.

According to the Daily Mail, authorities are also examining the safety of other canyon swings constructed near Zubutli village, where the tragedy occurred.

The Ministry of Tourism in Dagestan said the swing “did not meet safety standards”.

The Sulak gorge is deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States and is known as Europe’s deepest canyon.

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