Turkiye-Syria quake deaths pass 28,000, UN expects toll to double


Pakistan Army rescue team pull out six alive from rubble

Rescuers pulled a seven-month-old baby and a teenage girl from the rubble on Sunday, nearly a week after an earthquake devastated Turkiye and Syria and killed more than 28,000.

UN relief chief Martin Griffiths said he expected the death toll to at least double after he arrived in southern Turkiye on Saturday to assess the quake’s damage.

Tens of thousands of rescue workers are scouring flattened neighbourhoods despite freezing weather that has deepened the misery of millions now in desperate need of aid.

Security concerns led some aid operations to be suspended, and dozens of people have been arrested for looting or trying to defraud victims in the aftermath of the quake in Turkiye, according to state media.

But miraculous tales of survival still emerged from the destruction and despair.

A seven-month-old baby named Hamza was also rescued in southern Hatay more than 140 hours after the quake, while Esma Sultan, 13, was also saved in Gaziantep, state media reported.

Meanwhile the Pakistan Army teams are busy in search and rescue operations in more than 50 quake-hit areas in Turkiye and pulled out a boy and little girl from the rubble after six days.

The Pakistan Army’s search and rescue teams have won the hearts of the people of Turkiye and the international media, too, is all praise for them.

These teams, which have been busy in the rescue efforts for the last six days, have succeeded in pulling out more than six persons from the rubble alive.