Turkey, Azerbaijan warmly welcome NLC’s TIR initiative

Staff Reporter 

The first ever road movement of NLC trucks under International Road Transport (TIR) received an overwhelming response from the government and business communities of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The successful run of TIR operation was made pos-sible with all out support of Iran.
Special ceremonies were held at Istanbul and Bak u to mark establishment of the historic road connec-tivity between the brotherly countries in the region.

The reception ceremony held at Murat Bey Customs Post, Istanbul was attended by senior officials of Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Trade, Chamber of Commerce & Com-modity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), ECO Secre-tariat, Transport Ministry of Iran and representatives of Turkish logistics industry.

Pakistan Ambassador to Turkey, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi and Um-berto de Pretto, Secretary General of Geneva based IRU were also present on the occasion.

The participants termed the initiative by NLC as a major step towards markets integration and enhanc-ing trade between Pakistan and Turkey.

Ambassador Syrus Qazi highlighted the Govern-ment of Pakistan’s focus on geo-economics and how regional connectivity was crucial to achieve this end. “The landmark step will strengthen road con-nectivity between Pakistan and Turkey which will ultimately help in promotion of bilateral trade”, he said.

The Ambassador noted that operationalization of TIR will reduce the cost and transportation time for the business communities of both the countries.

A similar ceremony was also held at Baku Hilton to welcome the launching of TIR operations by NLC to Azerbaijan.

Senior representatives of Azerbaijan’s government departments (Customs, transport ser-vice, ABADA, export promotion organization (Az-promo)), Ambassadors of Pakistan to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Ambassador to Pakistan, exporters and representatives of logistics companies attended the ceremony. Exporters and logistics companies of Azerbaijan evinced keen interest in the TIR operations.

Both the Ambassadors lauded NLC for establishing road connectivity between the two brotherly countries. The ambassadors vowed to play their due roles in further facilitation of TIR operations.

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