‘Truth has a knack of coming out’: Rahul on BBC documentary


Commenting on the BBC documentary on 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in the Indian state of Gujarat which the Modi government has blocked across India, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that the truth has a habit of coming out. Rahul Gandhi said this while addressing a press conference in Jammu.

“You can ban, you can suppress the press, you can control the institutions, you can use CBI, ED (Enforcement Directorate) and all the stuff but the truth is truth,” Rahul Gandhi said in response to a question about the documentary.

The documentary that details how the Gujarat state government led by then chief minister Narendra Modi abdicated its responsibility and the violent Hindu mobs continued to run amok for days in February 2002 has left Prime Minister Modi’s government red-faced and has revived the horrid memories of one of the deadliest communal riots in India.

The second part of the two-part documentary, “India: The Modi Question” was released in the United Kingdom on Tuesday.—KMS