Trump-Imran commitment


PRIME Minister Imran Khan had a telecon with US Presi
dent Donald Trump during which the two leaders agreed to remain in close contact and continue to work together for the promotion of the shared objectives. As per official version of the conversation, they discussed matters relating to Afghanistan, Kashmir and bilateral issues.
The US leader thanked Pakistan for efforts for the release of western hostages in Afghanistan earlier this week and the Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that they were safe and now free. It is to be noted that this is not for the first time that Pakistan has come to the rescue of the United States in a difficult and complicated situation. Despite blame game and pressure tactics adopted by Washington on different occasions that not only increased difficulties for Pakistan but were also aimed at spoiling its image at international level, Islamabad has consistently been extending all possible assistance for peaceful resolution of the longstanding Afghan conflict and tackling of the menace of terrorism. In fact, whatever achievements that the international community has made in the war against terror are mainly due to the role played by Pakistan Armed Force and law enforcing agencies. There are all indications of the United States badly failing in Afghanistan and it is Pakistan that is making endeavours to provide it with a face saving to extricate itself from the messy situation. In this backdrop, it is unfortunate that the United States is not showing the same level of seriousness to help mitigate woes of Pakistan. The Prime Minister rightly pointed out towards the plight of people of Occupied Kashmir who have virtually been left at the mercy of brutal occupation forces. The United States and other members of the civilized world that went to the extent of bypassing the UN in the past to address concerns about human rights violations in some parts of the globe are least bothered over well-documented atrocities being committed against people of Occupied Kashmir. Similarly, despite verbal commitments, there is hardly any worthwhile progress towards restoration of economic and financial assistance for Pakistan. Shared objectives should not mean interests of the United States alone.

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