Triage Centre work apace, says Yasmin


Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid directed to expedite setting up of Triage Centre at the Expo Centre Field Hospital during her visit on Wednesday.
Mayo Hospital CEO Professor Asad Aslam Khan, Rescue 1122 DG, Model Town Assistant Commissioner Zeeshan and other officials of the department accompanied the minister during her visit. Prof Asad Aslam and DG Rescue 1122 gave a briefing to the Minister on the progress on the setting of the Triage Center at the 1000-bedded Field Hospital at the Expo Center.
A Triage Centre serves as the point where patients’ are prioritized for different sections based on severity of symptoms and condition in emergencies. The government has set up a field hospital at Expo Centre where emergency arrangements have been made for COVID-19 patients.
The minister said, “The Rescue 1122 will make administrative arrangements at the Triage Center. Prof. Asad Aslam Khan will supervise the overall arrangements of Quarantine, Treatment, and the Triage Center. Different Counters will be set up to guide people at the Traige Center, where medical experts, based on diagnosis will decide whether the patients will be sent to Quarantine or to Treatment section.”
Elaborating further, Dr. Yasmin Rashid said, “All health professionals serving at this Unit will be given protective equipment and the SOPS have been developed for disinfection of the place. We are trying to make advance preparations for any emergencies. We are utilizing all available resources for best possible arrangements. Our health professionals are looking after the COVID-19 patients currently under treatment at designated centers in Punjab.”
In an appeal to people to stop the spread of the virus, the Minister said, “I again request all people to stay indoors and adopt social distancing. Whereas treatment and emergency arrangements are being made, the most important thing is to prevent the spread of the virus which is only possible when the virus does not get a human host.
Avoiding exposure is the most important thing. As the world grapples with this new emergency, let us take all safety precaution and keep ourselves safe.”