PHC directs DCs to seal labs doing rapid corona tests


The Punjab Healthcare Commission has directed the Deputy Commissioners across the province to seal all the laboratories doing the rapid tests of coronavirus.
As per section 36 the PHC Act 2010, all the DCs have been instructed to depute officers to seal such premises of laboratories found indulgent in doing rapid tests of the coronavirus in contravention to the directions of the Commission.
They have also been directed to submit the sealing reports, along with evidence, to the PHC so that further proceedings could be initiated against the violators.
It is pertinent to mention here that the National Institute of Health has not recommended any immunochromatographic or serological rapid screening tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19 infections, and endorsed only PCR-based testing for the detection.
A spokesperson of the Commission has also added that the PHC teams have carried out special inspections of another six private hospitals, and issued directions for further improving the treatment of the Covid-19 patients.