Tree plantation drive



PRIME Minister Imran Khan has globally proved himself as a strong and vibrant voice for the protection of environment.

The nature based solutions he presented and being executed, especially Ten Billion Tree Tsuanmi are being recognized and appreciated at the global level.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister launched the nationwide spring tree plantation drive, urging the youth to participate in tree plantation campaign.

Engaging the youth in such an activity indeed is important to make it successful and achieve the plantation targets.

Our climate change concerns include increased variability of monsoons, receding glaciers, threatening water inflows into Indus River System (IRS), severe water-stressed conditions, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions impacting agriculture and livestock production negatively, decreasing forest cover and increased level of saline water in the Indus Delta also adversely affecting coastal agriculture, mangroves and breeding grounds of fish.

In this context, initiatives such as Ten Billion Tree Tsunami are a matter of safe and secured future of the country.

Hence, every segment of the society must contribute in it.

Apart from planting trees, the focus must also be on their preservation as this is the only way through which we can increase our forest cover as recommended by the international standards.

Then other interventions such as electric vehicle policy prepared by the government must also be implemented in letter and spirit and maximum incentives be given to the industry in order to ensure early shifting to the environment friendly fuel.

Pakistan has persistently been reckoned amongst the top ten most affected countries due to climate change regardless of the fact it is contributing less than one percent to the global emissions.

Developed countries had promised $100 billion per year in climate finance to help poorer nations reduce their emissions through things like renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

They have yet to fully deliver on that goal.

As this issue is dubbed as a bigger threat than that of terrorism, the developed countries will have to fulfil their responsibilities and assist countries like Pakistan in building their resilience against any disaster and mitigate the impact of climate change.


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