Need for restraints on Ukraine



PRIME Minister Imran Khan has expressed hope for a “peaceful solution” to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine as he emphasized that military conflicts could never solve problems.

He made these remarks during an interview with Russia’s state-owned television network RT released by the outlet on Tuesday.

History is replete with instances where military power was used to impose solutions but the results were quite opposite to the expectations and ultimately dialogue offered the way out.

Pakistan enjoys close friendly relations both with the Russian Federation and Ukraine and therefore the concern of the country over possibility of any aggravation of the conflict is understandable.

The situation is taking serious turns at a time when the Prime Minister is undertaking a scheduled visit to Moscow, which is crucial in view of its strategic significance and economic dimensions.

Pakistan cannot afford to offend any of the two countries and therefore its policy of maintaining neutrality is plausible.

In fact, the issue is being complicated by some outside powers and can be resolved amicably if concerns of the two countries with respect to their national security interests are taken care of and this can be done by peaceful engagement.


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