Trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan suspended

Nasib Shah Shinwari

Bilateral trade between Paksitan and Afghanistan suspended when the tribesmen of Khuga Khel tribe blocked Peshawar-Torkham high way for all sort of traffic as the protest against the violation of agreement with Khuga Khel tribe here on Wednesday.

The of Khuga Khel tribe angry marchers in the leadership of, Mufti Muhammad Ijaz Shinwari, leader of JUI-f and other Abdur Raziq Shinwari, senior leader of PTI blocked Peshawar Torkham high at Landikotal bypass and started sit-in refusing any talks with the administration and other officials.

“The officials in Torkham always violated written agreement and they would not talk with any officials in Landikotal”. Shinwari told media and added that they would only talks with the high officials

. According to eyewitness, when the marchers started throwing stones over the police, the police personnel started aerial firing to disperse the protestors.

Meanwhile, Ali Rahman, the leader of Qumi Awami party with other leaders addressing a hurried press conference at Landikotal press demanded the high officials in Islamabad to resolve the land dispute between NLC and Khuga Khel tribe in Torkham.

The leaders urged the government and other officials to enhance trade via Torkham border with Afghanistan instead to create hurdles to decrease trade via border and suffer local trades and poor people.

The Torkham border is an international trade route and a gate way to central Asia which can benefit and boost our country weaken economy. QWP leaders stated.

The leaders said and criticized that illegal occupation and violation of written agreement with Khuga Khel tribe was not acceptable and the dispute should be resolved through negations and table talks.

It has been observed that that container trucks loaded with Afghan transit trade goods and other export laden trucks on way to Afghanistan stranded due to the closure of high way and unpleasant incident happened in Landikotal between the local police and Khuga Khel tribe demonstrators.

A day long closure of Peshawar Torkham high way has caused million rupees loss to both countries national exchequer.

Trade expert said. The trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan has badly suffered and decreased in recent past and if such bad trade policies and the closure of the border continued, it might badly affect the trade between the two countries more. Traders and commerce expert said.

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