Tourism alone can help Pakistan repay loans, says PM Imran in Murree


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday stressed on the development of tourism sector, saying Pakistan can repay all its debts with tourism alone.

The premier was speaking at the inauguration of the Kohsar University in Murree. He said that education facility will boost the tourism in Pakistan.

Saying Pakistan can earn far more from this sector as compare to exports, he said that tourism will not only strengthen the economy but also create jobs for local people.

He said the government is focusing on developing new tourist destinations to promote tourism and to provide jobs to local people. He said tourism is future of Pakistan and Kohsar University will contribute a lot in this regard.

When the government helps the marginalized segment of the country, Allah bestows that government with more resources, he said, adding that countries’ development linked to prosperity of masses.

Highlighting the importance of the Kohsar University, he said that education is the only way to change the fate of people. He urged the people to stay abreast with modern technologies.

Lamenting over the poor health facilities in Murree, he said that population has increased in the area but no one focus on building hospitals there.

It is the duty of the state to provide health and education facilities to public, he stressed.

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