TLP decides to hold public meeting on Aug 13


The Tehreek-Labbaik Pakistan has decided to hold a public meeting in Rawalpindi on Aug 13 the same day the PTI is holding its rally in Islamabad.

The TLP held an emergency meeting on Monday and decided to hold its Pakistan Ideology Conference in Liaquat Bagh and Faizabad Bridge, Rawalpindi on Aug 13.

The Islamic outfit said that they requested the administration to allow them to hold the Pakistan Ideology Conference in Rawalpindi on Aug 14 but their request was turned down citing security reasons.

But if the administration could allow the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf to hold its rally in Parade Ground, Islamabad then why the TLP was being denied a place to hold its conference, the religious party said.

The party wondered if they had come from India that they were being denied permission.



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