TLP calls workers to Faizabad on August 13


The Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan on Monday called on its workers to gather at Faizabad on August 13 as the party plans to organise the Nazriya Pakistan March and Conference.

Party’s Information Secretary Muhammad Amjad Rizvi, in a statement, said that the party sought permission to organise a public gathering at Parade Ground in Islamabad, but did not receive approval.

Rizvi complained that Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah allowed PTI to hold a jalsa at the venue, but denied approval to his party.

“Are we from India?” the party’s information secretary questioned, protesting that the party is registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan, and if Imran Khan is allowed to hold a jalsa, then why not TLP.

Rizvi said that the party will now gather workers in Faizabad on August 13 to mark the Nazriya Pakistan March and Conference.

He added that the schedule of the party’s program would not change, and during the gathering, TLP chief Saad Rizvi would be given warm welcome.


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