TJP chief slams US for not recognizing Taliban govt


Chairman Tehreek-e-Juanan Pakistan (TJP) Muhammad Abdullah Hameed Gul had an important meeting with Afghan Nazim-ul-Amour Sardar Ahmad Khan Shakib in which the current situation in Afghanistan was discussed.

Expressing his views on the occasion, Abdullah Gul said that at present the temperature in Afghanistan has dropped below freezing point. The so-called pioneers of the US have frozen افغان 9.5 billion for the Afghan nation, which is a gross violation of human rights. He said that the government of Ashraf Ghani who got 2 million votes was recognized but why the government of those with whom the whole Afghan nation is not being recognized.

He said that as promised, the Taliban government was not allowing any action against any country in its territory. Abdullah Gul added that all tribes and parties are currently represented in the Taliban’s interim government.

The policy of the West understands that they were defeated by the Taliban, why did they allow them to succeed so quickly but the silence of the Islamic countries is a question mark why it is an Islamic country and it is in trouble.—PR

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