Tickets to two members of a family is violation of PTI principles


Prominent Businessman of Peshawar and Senior Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) KP, Ghulam Bilal Javed has termed awarding of tickets to two members of a same family for contesting upcoming Cantonment Board elections as violation of party rules.

Addressing party workers on Thursday night, Ghulam Bilal Javed said those stalwart workers who worked day and night for the cause of promotion of party and stood with leadership in difficult times are ignored.

Whereas, he continued, tickets are given to the parachutoors for contesting elections which is an extreme injustice with diehard party workers.

“If this decision is withheld, then we will take the matter to the top leadership of the party,” Bilal warns while speaking with party workers.

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