TI report unmasks PTI’s real face: Wahab


Reacting to Transparency International’s four-point increase in Pakistan’s corruption index, Sindh Government’s spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that the aware people of Pakistan knew that the report of Transparency International unmasked the real face of PTI.

Transparency International’s report has rejected the PTI’s hollow claims of transparency in its affairs, which has always been made in the past.

He further said that the PPP has maintained from day one that the PTI government is the most corrupt, and this report has also proved it vociferously.

He added thatTransparency International’s report also endorsed the PPP’s position that corruption in the current government should be bridled if we have to save our people.

This is not what we or other opposition parties are talking about, but it is a certified report by Transparency International that has unveiled their real face.

Wahab recalled that in the past Imran Khan himself used to give examples of Transparency International and criticize the governments of the past. Today when this report has come, the so-called spokespersons of the selected government are ridiculously putting it on the governments of the past.  Yes, this is nothing but their delusion. The people know them well.

The adviser said that due to wrong and corrupt decisions by this government, many scandals including sugar, medicines, wheat, petroleum products have come to light which has made life difficult for the people.


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