Three held for looting air travellers coming from abroad


The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) conducted a raid on Rashid Minhas Road and arrested three men for their alleged involvement in looting passengers coming from abroad.

SSP Tariq Nawaz said that police uniforms, fake police cards and walky-talky were also recovered from their possession.

The held suspects were identified as Fahad Ahmed, Ghulam Husain and Mohammed Raza. They were known as ‘White Corolla Gang’, he said. The held suspects posed themselves as policemen and looted passengers coming here from abroad as soon as they came out of the airport. They also looted traders of sacrificial animals in various localities.

At time of the arrest, all three suspects wore police caps. They looted people in several parts of the metropolis. Two of them were also arrested in Lahore’s Samanabad area, said the SSP.


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