Three-day expo for Afghan products held in Kabul



The Ministry of Economy says more than 200 companies are showcasing their products at a three-day expo in Kabul titled “our homeland, our production”.

Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy minister of economy, attended the expo and said that the Islamic Emirate supports domestic production and start-up industries, but added that sanctions, restrictions, and freezing of foreign exchange reserves have prevented the government from launching large economic projects.

“Sanctions, political goals and the freezing of Afghan assets have stopped the progress of large projects,” said Nazari.

“We support small and medium industries, even if they are new because they play a positive role in the self-sufficiency of Afghanistan’s economy,” he added.

He also said that the Ministry of Economy has developed an economic policy that includes supporting the private sector, restarting incomplete projects, institutionalizing domestic production, attracting development aid along with humanitarian aid, and creating a scientific environment for production and investment.

“In our economic diplomacy, in addition to attracting humanitarian aid, we talked to the international communities, organizations, and institutions to start their development projects and development aid in Afghanistan and to finish the incomplete projects of the former government, whose work is still 90% completed,” he said.

In addition, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Mohammad Yonus, said that investors are supported by the government more than ever.

“I call all the investors, whether domestic or foreign, to come and invest for the development of Afghanistan because the conditions in the country are very favorable at the moment,” said Yonus.

Mumtaz Yusufi, the head of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry meanwhile said that women entrepreneurs also participated at the expo.

“There are 40 tables from Afghanistan Women’s Industries Chamber in this expo, which are from different sectors,” she said.

This is the second expo of Afghan products to be held in Kabul in the past few weeks.—Ariana news