Thousands protest in Geneva against Indian brutalities in Kashmir, Punjab


Observer Report


On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Sikhs massacre in India after the murder of Indira Gandhi in 1984, thousands of Sikhs and Kashmiris took to the street of Geneva to protest against the Indian force’s crackdown in Punjab and Indian occupied Kashmir.
Sikhs and Kashmiris in solidarity with each other and other minorities in India marched from Wilson place to United Nation Human Rights council offices in Geneva, where the protest rally converted into a large gathering at the Broken Chair monument in front of the UN office.
Protestors could be seen carrying banners and placards with slogans such as “stop genocide of Sikhs and Kashmiris”, “Referendum 2020 for the independence of Khalistan,” and “Indian army quit Kashmir.”The Sikh and Kashmiri leaders delivered speeches against India and called for the United Nations to intervene and fulfil its legal obligation to stop torture, the kidnapping of political human rights activists and mass disappearances.
aKashmiri activists who travelled all the way from US to participate in the rally told a news channel that the world has to protect minorities in India from Hindutwa Fascist regime. The UN has to implement its own resolution regarding the right to self-determination and human rights.
President of Sikhs for Justice Organisation Parmeet Singh Parma stressed, that Indian Punjabis simply cannot live in India anymore.
Along with Sikhs for Justice, Kashmir Movement Italy, Kashmir Council EU, Kashmir Peace Forum, Kashmir Freedom Movement also participated in the protest rally.

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