Thousands participate in huge car rally in Quetta


Staff Report


Thousands of people participated in a huge car rally held in Quetta on Tuesday. The rally, comprising over 100 cars and jeeps, started from Gahi Khan Chowk in Quetta and passing through several city areas culminated in Sibbi, where it was warmly welcomed by a huge crowd of enthusiastic people.
Addressing the rally at Jirga Hall in Sibbi via video link, Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU) founder Dr Jumma Khan Marri said the Baloch community will continue to extend its fullest support to the Sikh community in their struggle for freedom and the establishment of Khalistan. “Sikhs are our brothers … we are with them wholeheartedly,” he said, and thanked Pakistan Baloch Unity Vice Chairman Mir Khuda Bukhsh Marri for rejecting false Indian propaganda and supporting the Khalistan movement.
He announced complete support of the Marri tribe for Pakistan and promised to fight till last drop of blood in case of any aggression or misadventure by India. “Whole youth of Marri tribe is ready to defend our sacred motherland against India,” he declared, and reiterated commitment to stand by Pakistan government and the Pakistan Army through thick and thin.
In his address, Mir Khuda Bukhsh Marri said all efforts by India to stoke differences within the Baloch community in the name of separation of Balochistan have fallen flat.
“Whenever Narendra Modi talked of his evil designs regarding separation of Balochistan from Pakistan, only a couple of characterless and Indian-sponsored traitors responded to him,” he said, adding that the whole Baloch nation is united and stands with Pakistan and the Pakistan Army. “Hyrbyair Marri and Brahumdagh Bugti are accountable for all innocent Baloch people they killed mercilessly,” he said, while taking up the issue of Baloch missing persons.
Marri also focused on the notorious designs of the hostile intelligence agencies to weaken Pakistan by misleading the Baloch community, and requested all the Baloch people who were being exploited by the enemies of Pakistan for vested interests to come back and join the national mainstream and play their role in strengthening the country.
In his address, Khalistan Movement 2020 chief Sardar Paramjit Singh said a couple of Indian-sponsored characterless so-called Baloch leaders have earned embarrassment for the whole community. “But, today, the Baloch nation has once again proved that they are not with India but stand with the Khalistan movement in opposition to New Delhi,” he said, and thanked the Baloch leaders for their efforts for highlighting the Khalistan issue at the international level.