Think and grow rich . . !


TODAY our youth are so focused!” said a father of one of the youth to me proudly. “Focused on what?” I asked.

“On what they want to do in life! How much money they want to make, and where they want to reach!” said the father looking at his son who was coming to me, with his hand outstretched in greeting. I took the proffered hand and grimaced in pain as the young fellow held it tight and shook it.

“That’s quite a handshake!” I said. “Thank you!” he said, “We were taught this in management school.

The better the grasp, the more impressed the other person will be!” “Sure!” I said still wringing my hand, “And what else were you taught? Were you taught that if the other man is a frail fellow like me, not to grip his hand like a weightlifter?”
”No!” said the boy surprised.

“Were you taught to help the weakest of your colleagues in your office, and find out why he is lagging behind?” “No!” said the young fellow as his father stirred restlessly, “We were taught to pick the strong and sack the weak!” “Same theory Hitler had, didn’t he?” I observed.

“What are you trying to say to my son?” asked the father, my friend looking a little agitated, “I have paid a bomb to send my son to this very elite institute of management!” “Sure!” I said, “What you learn there is building of your personality! What is never taught there is the building of character!” “Why should I be taught that?” asked the boy curiously.

“So that you can become rich!” I said. “But that’s exactly what he learnt in his management school!” said the father, “To think and grow rich!”

“I know!” I said glancing at my still hurting hand. “But son, no house can be built without a foundation.

You can learn all the personality building in the world, how to shake my hand till my bones break, but if you haven’t learnt to build your character foundation, it’s of no use! Learn how to stand alone when you feel you are right.

Learn to be truthful even when it would be more popular to lie. Learn compassion when you see others fall, not heckle them!” “Hey! Hey! Hey!” said the father to me, “I sent my son to this college so that he would become rich!” “Yes,” I said, “This is the best way for him to Think and Grow Rich! Build character as a young man, blessed with a strength that will see him through any situation..!”

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