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Clearing confusion

Commentators and expert commentators, honestly and humbly speaking, seem to be harping to the tunes of such vagueness or ambiguity that leave listeners and viewers in a lurch.

During comments they would burst into meaningless laughters overshadowing whatever little sense inquisitive audience is endeavouring to make out of their roaring idiot boxes.

They may casually mention or make passing comment on the playing eleven but people are desperately interested to know that whether their favourite ones are included in the team! What is not regularly and prominently highlighted in batting is score card, current average and runs required and bowling figures of each bowler as one has to wait long to hear or see the very latest.

Past records are important to be mentioned but it is overtaxing and boring with unnecessary details of the yesteryears and depriving the engrossed public of the current match.

Our commentators need to check and curb the tendency of two or more speaking simultaneously or at the same time mixing things up and confusing the listeners or viewers.

Experts need to identify bat sloggers and skilful ones, bowl wayward and accurate ones, fielding lapses or loopholes, tips for management, morale-boosting interviews of captain and players indeed.

All said and done it has to be borne in mind that responsible commentary also includes guidance of management and player indeed.

Commentary experts are expected to rise over and above self, need to be truly non-partisan and counsel team and management with winning vim, vigor and vitality.

Amid such guidance, “InshaAllah”, exemplary skill, stamina, speed and, above all, sportsmanship will make our cricketers world go round. ##

Debutant Dahani

Shahnawaz Dahani, the best bowler of PSL, was overlooked in the T-20 world cup. He was taken to the event as an extra in the squad.

He was given odd jobs to do such as bringing towels & water for the players. That is also a part of sportsmanship. But, his visuals of distributing cakes went viral on social media, which were portrayed in a negative sense.

The fuel to fire was added when Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, former Test Players, teased and taunted him in live program of Fakhar.e.Aalam saying that Dahani can do only this thing befitting manner. Such heart wrenching comments aroused a fit of rage and anger in the people of Sindh.

Dahani, who deserves, was supported on social media and PCB selection committee was time and again reminded by the general public to give Dahani a chance in the squad.

Yesterday, Dahani proved himself that he is neither a naive player nor fit for being treated as waiter by senior players but he is the quality bowler and the future of Pakistan cricket. On his daring debut.

Dahani took a wicket against Bangladesh and constrained their score to the minimum. The talent must not be dumped under the carpet or thrown into the bin but be utilized in a more befitting and promising manner as it may shine the future of our country.
Agra, Sindh

Main weakness
in T-20

There is no gainsaying the fact that Babar Azam and Rizwan are the main batters of Pakistan cricket team.

The Pakistan batting largely depends on these two mainstream players. However, in my opinion, they are not suited to play in T-20 format. In the recently held T-20 World Cup matches and against Bangladesh, the fair hardly crossed the 50 digit partnership in the first six overs of power play.

This is the main reason for Pakistan’s collapse in the semi-final against Australia. As such both the batters didn’t show their worth against Bangladesh as well.

So the management of the Cricket Board should devise an alternate strategy to axe them out of T-20 format and restrict them both to test and one-day format only. In this way, their performance will further flourish to give a robust support to Pakistan batting battery.


Be responsible citizens

Though the governments and the courts are taking responsibility to come out of the pandemic, it is also the duty of the citizens to take precautionary steps to avoid the transmission of the virus.

They should practise social distancing, cover their mouth and nose properly with mask, use sanitizer and wash hands properly.

It should be the moral duty of a citizen to not only look after their own health, but also that of others.
Mumbai, India

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