‘These elections will bring people with new ideas to Azerbaijani parliament’


BAKU “As in every democratic society, the processes related to parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan are conducted in accordance with the law. The holding of the parliamentary elections will allow new people to be represented in the legislative body of the country,” Chairman of the Azerbaijan House of Culture and Solidarity Association Tamer Karadag has told secki-2020.az. He said that the renewal of the parliament would give impetus to further strengthen developing Azerbaijan. Emphasizing that the strengthening of Azerbaijan is the strengthening of Turkey, Tamer Karadag said: “Our fraternal countries have taken important steps in the implementation of important political and economic projects in the region.” The head of the association added that observations conducted through media and social media show that the number of young people participating in the elections is higher. According to him, the active participation of the young generation in the elections is a result of the youth policy and the successful reforms carried out in Azerbaijan. Saying that the parliamentary elections held in Azerbaijan caused great interest in the international arena, Karadag noted that the representatives of various states and organizations, coming to monitor the election process will also get an opportunity to watch the reforms conducted in Azerbaijan. He said that the reforms carried out under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev take Azerbaijan towards development.—AP