There’s a tomorrow, after the rain..!

DARK, overcast skies greet me as I look out, and the incessant sound of the heavy downpour going on for days fills me with melancholy! I look down, it’s water everywhere! Pouring from the skies, out of drains, onto roads, out of gutters, into homes and gushing and rushing with one purpose, seemingly to destroy everything in it’s new found path of roads and railway tracks, converted into rivers!
I sigh and wonder when I’ll see the sun again, for with grey skies comes a grey that sits in my mind, the dark grey of depression, and nothing helps, nobody helps, even whatsapp forwards are disasters and catastrophes, people injured from treefalls, a woman slipping under a bus, and I sigh, I slouch and sink deeper, and deeper.
My daughter a psychologist, who finished her masters in Seattle, tells me that nearly everyday in that city there is a continuous drizzle and with such gloomy weather, Seattle has the greatest number of depressed people in America! But, it’s different here, I tell myself, tomorrow after the rain, the sun will come out, the roads will be dry, the trains will run on time, there will be happiness again.
Tomorrow after the rain, things will be back to normal! Then, if knowing, that a tomorrow is there, normal, and dry and sunny, why do I let myself go into despair today? Let me peep into that tomorrow today! Let me be filled with hope and certainty that just beyond the clouds a sun waits to bounce its happy, warm rays back at me! “Let my mind see that tomorrow!” I whisper, “Let my tomorrow of sunshine lift my spirits today!”
And as a smile comes back to me, as my despondent spirit lifts, as rays of a now invisible sun hit my face again, I turn to those who are going through more than a rain filled day; those going through sorrow, those who’s lives have been hit by the loss of a job or breaking of a relationship, those who see only darkness not from clouds but from life itself, and to them do I sing these lines of hope:
There’s always sunshine after the rain. There’s always happiness after the pain. There’s always courage after the fear. There’s always a smile after the tears. There’s always light after the dark. There’s always a flame after the spark. There’s always honesty after the lies. There’s always laughter after the cries. There’s always tomorrow after yesterday and there’s always forever after today! Dear friend, dark skies greet us outside, but there’s a bright, cheery tomorrow, after the rain..!

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