The triad of nurturing role | By  Dr Asif Maqsood Butt 


The triad of nurturing role

THE days and nights passing through all thick and thin, man grows in various conditions and environments.

Life is not same for all. Various factors have variety of role and impact at different stages of our lives.

A new born baby to toddler and then grow to a teen and adult gone through experiences received from parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, outside from community and at school from teachers as well as from peers.

Diversification of thoughts did we really think and it matters to us as being parents or grandparents where we realize that a learning stage begins from the very beginning of life where even the life has not opened eyes yet.

We most of times leave a child unattended and let it grow independently wondering in the city, village, mohallah, street and most of the time doing mature talks we ignore their presence.

Even it has been observed at every home almost all families could not stay away from drama and films as well as the music videos.

What kind of affects are influencing our children and dragging their attention building the variety of intentions it is beyond the imaginations of a family living with a low or middle level of education or with higher education but ignoring the psychological impact

Since the human life evolved and from the early years of life till now the modern, civilized and well cultured era; has set the standards and norms but attitude are yet to build and develop especially in the South Asia region.

We have a very rich culture, traditions and life styles but unfortunately the uncertainty, lacking or deprivation of facilities induce selfishness, impulsive and other reactions in our society are because of poor justice, might is right culture, relative poverty and scarcity of blessings eventually abrupt as scolding behaviour.

When humans are stated weighing upon their lifestyle and we ignore the demand of human respect otherwise.

Author also presented a model of individual’s growth and failure, thrive and prosperity; suggested that we need to take steps to create the belief that there shall be distribution of hope; based on equity.

Humans are social animal but by revealing the history and many stages of evolution and development we have achieved the label of civilization, modernization and sophistication.

In the competition of nations the role of well-educated and trained community is important.

Ultimately these are the role of parenting, teaching and community is to be appreciated or blamed.

Social change need of a nation, a uniform thinking and lifestyle towards one direction is known to be a nationalism.

It further aims to build and maintain a single national identity, based on shared social characteristics of culture, ethnicity, geographic location, language, politics (or the government) , religion, traditions and belief in a shared singular history. A Social Change needs 15 years at least to cultivate a habit or culture.

Majority of us stand in a line horizontally rather to make a straight line vertically; offer a seat to any poor and ill person in a public transport, dumping of garbage out of houses and shops and proudly throw inside empty plots.

Nature has blessed Pakistan with beautiful spots but it has ashamed us while visiting to northern areas.

Piles of waste, the practice to carry an empty bag for the waste is not seen at all and majority practice poor habits of waste disposal.

A stay of few seconds or up to one minute is so despondent that most of us are in such an uncertain hurry that those traffic signals bears least importance to us and often met with an accident.

While walking in our mohallah, using abusive and vulgar language putting behind the respect and values.

It is also observed that during the events, celebrations. We do so much pump and show, we majority use fire crackers and dhool to express our happiness, the activities continued till mid night but we completely ignore that there might be our neighbour that might be suffering with any diseases or condition and he will be distressed due to this.

The change of nation to a civilized, well-disciplined, organized, synchronized with uniform thoughts and unidirectional, well adopted practices; for these entire core source is upbringing of a child.

Nurturing with the all ingredient that will help a child to become gentle and productive; ultimately contributes in nation’s pride. A child, who is courteous, determined, friendly, hardworking, humble, generous, punctual, respectful, brave, loyal, considerate, honest and kind to the humanity.

It is why Napoleon said “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.” Long Live Pakistan

—The writer, a gold medallist, is associated with Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.