The schisminIndian Union



Abuilding, whatever grand, raised on faulty founda tion always stands the risk of collapse. The Indian leadership at the time of partition pillaged the foundation blocks to raise the edifice of Indian Union. Many states were arbitrarily occupied against the wishes of their inhabitants and merged to enforce into an oppressive Union. A total of 562 princely states, which were not under the direct British rule but were under the suzerainty of British Crown were given the choice to decide about their fate. Many of the states, which never wanted to join India, were either coerced by the Congress leadership/Lord Mountbatten at the time of partition or later made part of India militarily. The States of Bhopal, Travancore and Hyderabad wanted to remain independent, Kashmir signed a Standstill Agreement with Pakistan while Junagarh, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer wanted to join Pakistan. The other larger Rajput Border States also entered into negotiation with Pakistan, but were restrained by the Congress leadership/Lord Mountbatten. Mr Nehru declared that India would not accept the divine right of Kings and any princely state which refuses to join the Constituent Assembly would be treated as enemy state. The enforced and coercive union has failed to yield harmony among Indian States even after a lapse of over seven decades. From the outset the Indian politics has been dominated by upper class Hindus, both in Congress and BJP/RSS. These upper-class Hindus dominate in all the fields and hold all the important positions in the government,Army and business enterprises. The upper caste Hindus account for hardly 24 % of Indian population, however, by virtue of their domination in government machinery, they very cunningly included other castes, which were originally non-Hindus, in their flock to show their majority. The Lingais, Dalits, Jains, Budhmats, Sikhs, Adivasis and others, originally non-Hindu castes, were registered as Hindus just to show their majority in India. However, these involuntary Hindus don’t get rights at par with Upper Caste Hindus, rather are treated marginally. The unfair treatment of lower caste/nominal Hindus and minorities in India has created unrest in these communities. The afflictions caused to the dwellers of erstwhile princely states due to unfair treatment by upper caste Hindu dominated Central Government alienated them. Though the spark was simmering since their imposed union with India, but it has grown into proper armed struggle, as around 30 major armed insurgencies are going on across India. Kashmiris, Naxalites, Sikhs, people from Assam, Laddakh, North-Eastern States and South-Eastern States have been struggling since long to get their rights/freedom from sham Indian Union. The RSS is a fascist organization similar to the KKK; it aims at converting India into Hindu theocratic state. It is even against its own tri-colour Indian national flag, Indian Constitution and Father of the Nation “Mahatma Gandhi”. It has been against all non-Hindu communities since its inception, even before the partition of the subcontinent. Getting inspiration from Hitler’s “Purity of Race” idea, RSS aims at purifying India by converting all communities into Hindu or by eliminating them/ putting them in detention camps. Since RSS’s Modi came into power the life of minorities, especially Muslims, has become difficult, first in Gujarat and now in entire India. Specially, after Modi winning second term, the RSS is in a full swing to fulfil its longstanding gruesome agenda. The 5August invasion of IoK, abrogation ofArticles 370 and 35A, Babri Mosque judgment followed by NRC, CAB and CAA are further steps in the realization of RSS evil designs. Indian Constitution was brought into force on 26 January 1950; this day is officially celebrated in India, with pomp and show, as “Republic Day”. For quite some time this day is being celebrated half-heartedly in few States, rather a few observe it as “Black Day”. This time entire India is burning due to the recent silly actions by BJP Government. There is revolt like situation in many states and freedom slogans can be heard in many parts across India. In many states the insurgency like situation has already been prevailing since long. Fed-up from the day to day lynching and knavery of RSS goons, there are reports that Muslims in Kerala State have formed a militia to counter RSS gangsters. Now it’s not just the Muslims, rather all the segments of Indian society have joined protest against Modi Government’s inane actions. The Union is trembling, India is at war within and without and if RSS mindset continues in India the day is not far when the unnatural Union of India meets its logical end. The US President is expected to visit India in the near future, India has a history of managing false flag operations whenever any dignitary is visiting India/ Pakistan. During Bill Clinton’s visit to India in 2000, she killed 36 innocent Sikhs in the IoK in a false flag operation and blamed Pakistan. To divert attention from her internal turmoil India may manage yet another false flag operation and malign Pakistan as ever before. Pakistan has already raised its concerns and the world must take action to prevent India from doing such gimmicks. —The writer is freelance columnis