The need for effective parenting | By Waqar Hassan


The need for effective parenting

SINCE the birth of humans on the planet earth, the formation of societies remained cardinal for ensuring human development. Verily, humans thrive in a social set-up. The institution of family is a building block of society. Societies get transformed by the values that families instill and impart in youngsters. Having possessed the ingenuity to transform the minds of children, the family system has tremendous relevance in setting up a social stratum. However, if social evils take an upward surge in society, the values inseminated by the family system become debatable. Children gain and learn in the environment they live in.

The atmosphere that a mother and father provide to their children remodels the character and sets the pace for the growth and development of children. The contemporary era unfolds the tragic reality that our societal values have mangled. In the modern world, our youth has given up the path of ethics and morality. Many youngsters remain involved in activities that ruin their intellectual development, cognitive abilities and moral values. Ethics and morality have become lost attributes in the  youth today. Adopting violence as a refuge, propagating hatred and preferring unjustified means to secure success have been the norm for youngsters nowadays. Parents in modern-day societies have failed to play their due role in the moral and intellectual development of their children.

A parent’s role in shaping a child’s personality is cardinal. In this context, both parents have the responsibility of raising their children. The role of a father is irrefutable in parenting. A father sets the direction for his children to lead a prosperous life. He does so by teaching the children the essential lessons of courage, resolve and persistence. A father teaches his children the complexities of the world and makes his children able enough to survive in society. He helps his children overcome the insurmountable challenges in life. A father protects his children in difficult times. It takes place because a father is the epitome of success for his children. The influence a father holds over his children shapes their mindset. A father teaches his children how to handle adversity in life.

A father maintains a stern check on the moral and ethical development of his children. Children abandon the right path if a father cannot perform his role efficiently. Additionally, a mother is the strongest pillar of the family. She maintains an intense emotional connection with her children. The role of a mother is overwhelming in training children. A mother raises children by teaching them how to become extraordinary human beings. A mother indoctrinates the elements of character strength, humility and righteousness in children. She enlightens her children by all means. A mother educates her children to behave and portray themselves well in social interactions.

It validates that the environment a family provides to children shapes their personalities. Attitudinal patterns of children depend on the quality of education they receive in terms of their ethical and moral upbringing. It echoes the effectiveness of the role of a mother and a father in raising a child. However, if the family system fails in training children, the consequences get worse for the family and society. A stable mind is a source of joy and happiness for others. Such kind of mindset is the product of sound family values. When the family system disintegrates, it pervades lunacy into the personality traits of individuals. A paranoid person turns out to be a perpetual source of misery for others. A person who brings harm to others is a burden to society.

Parents act as role models for their children. Children follow their parents more than they follow other people around them. Therefore, the responsibility rests with parents to make their children capable enough to bring positive change in the lives of people and society through their positive character and meaningful actions. The modern trends in our society reveal a disheartening picture. The values our family system is transferring to children are becoming weak. Our social fabric is turning frail. An upswing of violence in our society is happening today. Such homicidal tendencies are predominant against women and children. The incidents of rape of minor girls portray that society has touched the lowest ebb of a moral slump.

The bane of domestic violence takes effect when parents never resist such happenings. An upsurge in the cases of such kinds of acts reveals to us the bitter reality that the role of parents has weakened. Parents have become ineffective in influencing their children to adopt and maintain high moral standards. The unprecedented rise in ethical and moral crimes in society is a striking reality that throws light on the weakness of our family structure in lessening the plague of these social vices. In most cases, instead of remedying the reprehensible behaviour of children, parents try to shield their children when children commit an unacceptable act. It further diminishes any chances of behavioural improvement in the children. By denouncing the repugnant actions of their children, parents can play a part in making society a better place to live.

The solution to overcome these challenges demands a diligent and rational role of both parents in raising their children. Parents need to understand the gravity of this issue. The way parents train their children and make them individuals who become role models for society matters the most. The role of a mother and father is cardinal in improving the ethics and character traits of children. It is a precondition to ensure individual and social well-being. Hence, to make society a safe place to live in, the institution of the family must perform exceptionally well. If parents raise their children by sharing their responsibility mutually, they can ensure the betterment of their children and society. Indeed, the finest investment for parents is to invest their time and energy in raising their children, as solely well-groomed children can make society better. This is the only way to strengthen the ethical and moral fabric of our society.