The first vote of no confidence


In a high-octane midnight drama, Prime Minister Imran Khan was voted out of power as 174 members of the National Assembly went against him during voting on the no confidence resolution.

It is the first time in country’s parliamentary history that a sitting PM has been ousted through this way, which indeed is a constitutional and democratic path and must be accepted and respected by all without any bitterness.

But at the same time, it is highly unfortunate that another PM failed to complete his mandated tenure.

The political upheaval and instability of the past one month has severely affected country’s economy that was already not in a good shape and faced with multiple challenges including that of current account deficit.

One expects that change at the top will bring positive outcome in the political milieu — which is important to steer matters in the right direction.

After the passage of no confidence resolution, speeches delivered by the top leadership of both PML-N and PPP also reflect their positive frame of mind and forward looking approach.

President of PML-N Shehbaz Sharif expressed the resolve to take the country forward whilst forgetting bitterness of the past, adding he will not indulge in political victimisation.

Similarly, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who has grown as a young leader and signifies a new age as his mother once did, reiterated that democracy is the best revenge.

Certainly, the country can no longer afford political confrontation. This process of witch hunting and victimising the opponents must come to an end if we are sincere to the homeland.

Our political leaders will have to think beyond petty political interests and work collectively for economic uplift and bring ease and comfort to lives of our people.

Reverting back to politics of 90s will only further aggravate the situation. The challenges for new government will be immense and daunting.

While the people hit hard by price hike have pinned immediate expectations, it will not be easy for new government to extend any immediate relief given soaring prices of petroleum and commodity prices in international market.

However, Shehbaz Sharif who is set to become the new Prime Minister has proved himself as a doer and good administrator during his two stints as Punjab Chief Minister and we are confident that under his leadership, improvement in governance will be very much visible in early days in order to address deep-rooted problems.

It is often the hallmark of our governments that they shelve programmes or projects of previous government.

This practice should also be shunned and some good programme that were initiated by Imran Khan government such as Ehsaas and Health Card, aimed at uplifting poor people, must be continued amid further improvement.

The political parties must reach a broad based consensus on national economy or charter of economy as there are certain issues over which there should not be any politics.

In the past also we had seen such consensus on premier national issues like National Action Plan in 2014 after APS Peshawar massacre or after Pulwama attack, so why not similar national consensus on economy that is as important as any other national issue.

It is very much understandable that workers and supporters of PTI would be disappointed at the moment over early departure of Imran Khan.

With great hopes, they had elected him to power yet it is unfortunate that former premier who made big claims and promises, failed to deliver.

There is no doubt that people still look towards Imran Khan as an honest leader but it is also time for Mr Khan to review his actions, which brought his downfall.

Had he put right person at the right place especially in Punjab, he would not have faced this situation.

Anyway in our view, it is not yet finished for Khan who still is a great crowd puller and can attract the people through his speeches.

One saw it in the public gatherings he recently conducted in different cities.

The matter of foreign conspiracy against his government should also be investigated so that people could know the full truth.


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