The death of ATM robber


The man who was arrested in a robbery case from an ATM on Friday, died early on Sunday in police custody. According to a report the suspect who was identified as Salahuddin Ayubi of Gujranwala’s Kamonki area managed to get away first time in Faisalabad, whereas he was spotted in Rahim Yar Khan later in the midst of conducting the same act. As per reports, hailing from Gujranwala, the mute thief was arrested from Rahim Yar Khan, nearly a month after he garnered attention online over his viral video showing him sticking a tongue out in CCTV footage during his criminal act.
According to the district police officer’s spokesperson Zeeshan Randhawa, Ayubi was behaving like a “mad man” in lockup when his condition “became serious”. Ayubi was then rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed his death. It is really a brilliant success of the authorities to arrest a guilty person red-handed, but it is harsh to listen that the person lost the life in the custody of police.
Here confusion takes birth in every individual’s mind: are we safe in the hands of police and is public property safe in banks? Now this is demand of time to aware the public about actual reason of the suspect’s death and there should be an investigation why did the man go for robbery. Therefore, I urge the authorities concerned to take immediate action to find the solution of all illegal activities (like Ayubi’s) which are being practised in our country.