The cure for the likes inflation: what is a SuperLike and what does it do?

Natasha Durrani

In the world of social media, likes are a sign of approval and assessment of the quality of content but now the importance of likes is rapidly fading for a number of reasons. The developers of the video service Likee have found a solution to the problem and are ready to share the idea.

Until recently, it was considered one of the most powerful online tools ever to exist in the digital-social sphere, and yet today it has become obsolete – and here’s why.

The Network Economy: Inflation, Speculation and Business

In today’s environment we are talking about automatic feed viewing, the “cheapening” of likes, and gaining fame in cyberspace through dishonest means thanks to scamming. The process of devaluing content is progressing, accounts are becoming formulaic, and users have begun to lose interest in creators who are only focused on getting likes – and the process of “liking” content requires no effort from the user, which, in turn, devalues it.

Likes are directly related to business, marketing, PR, and advertising. Here we can talk about such a term as the Economy of Likes. Posting a brand on social media is the most effective way to reach your target audience. This marketing format allows for valuable content that will bring consumers to a company page.

Today the phenomenon of likes is overshadowed by two worrying factors. First of all, social networks and the content reproduced there are increasingly being used to pass the time on public transport or to occupy themselves with something at breakfast, while the brain is trying to tune in to the work day. The second reason to believe that likes are receding into the background is the fact that there are services for the accrual of both likes and followers.

A worldwide conspiracy, or how global social networks are giving content evaluation back its common sense

The giants in the world of social networks have been penetrated by the problem and have begun to act actively. For example, during the pandemic, the Facebook team decided to take even greater care of its users and introduced a new format of reactions – emoji. Emoticons in the arms of the heart, laughing or crying emoticons, a shocked face have more meaning than “I like”. Moreover, the innovation has begun to motivate people to show real emotion and evaluate publications by reading the content.

The Super Idea – Super Likewise

The problem with the global social media industry is that its users have become obsessed with indirect metrics, while interpersonal communication and emotion are ignored. When we developed the SuperLike feature, our goal was to recreate a healthy society in which talent and creativity are truly valued. Our goal was to help creators monetize their work, and to help users accentuate the work of others and “like” only what they genuinely like.

SuperLikes received can be monetized into internal currency – beans and diamonds, which can then be easily cashed in. This concept makes it possible to support the content of favourite creators, and the SuperLike itself symbolizes the achievements the creators have made in their creative endeavours. Also, various brands often launch advertising campaigns with hashtags, in which the likes participate with great enthusiasm. Verified creators on the platform can post links to products or produce popular product unboxing today, thereby earning income from their creative hobby and the approval of subscribers in the form of SuperLikes.

Since the innovation allows likers to earn creatively, “Salary” on a social network, in our opinion, would not a viable method of encouragement. It is more likely to stifle motivation and force creators to create content for the sake of greater profit. The platform, and in particular the SuperLike option, allows bloggers to grow through traffic, subscriber recognition and collaborations with various brands.

At this stage, we’re actively communicating with the audience and studying their preferences to see if the feature is relevant. Thanks to SuperLike, the opportunities/incentives realized by creators in Pakistan have increased by 11.37% in December, 2021

The SuperLike function will not only provide influencers with an additional stream of revenue, but guide them to craft better stories, structure content, conceptualize environmentsand understand audiences.

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