UBL declares PBT of Rs. 52.1b for 2021


UBL reported PBT of Rs 52.1 billion in 2021, being the highest profit ever in the history of the Bank. This is also one of the highest growth in profit across the banking sector with an increase of 52% in the bottom line this year. Earnings per Share (EPS) was measured at Rs. 25.23 (2020: Rs. 17.07). The Bank declared a final dividend of Rs. 6.0 per share for Q4’21, which is in addition to the Rs. 12.0 per share interim dividends declared earlier during this year.

This is significantly higher than the full year dividend of Rs 12.0 per share declared in 2020. The Bank maintained its resilience across all core business segments as the economy gradually recovers from the impacts of the pandemic and business activity regains its momentum.

One of the largest branch networks serving an ever increasing customer base

UBL remains one of the largest and systemically important financial institutions in the country. The Bank’s network extends to 1,339 branches within Pakistan, 1,442 ATMs and over 34,000 Omni agents. The Bank continues to build on its award winning digital banking services which have been acknowledged as one of the best in Pakistan. A franchise that serves across all segment profiles, UBL has over 10 million customers, with growth in business driven by an aggressive sales effort, well supported by a state of the art digital banking. The branch network spreads across each province of Pakistan, down to the remotest geographies and is the pride and core strength of the institution. UBL is well on its way to live the ambition to provide access to credit, digital payments and financial inclusion to every citizen of Pakistan.

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