The Christmas rage


A little baby in a manger, so calm, so peaceful! And in a million make believe cribs in shopping malls and elsewhere, plastic dolls, with ever so sweet sm innocent child, made him become cruel beyond compare The same happened even after that same babe grew to be a man, preached, healed, then hung on a cross for others.

Same Christmas rage continues today! What is it that rulers and men are afraid of when they see that Babe in a Manger? What is it, that in the same breath they wish their Christian brethren, “Happy Christmas” makes them also pass laws that this same happiness will not transfer itself to others? Why, such anger against the message of the Prince of Peace? “Why Lord, why?” I whisper today on Christmas Day.

“Because my child,” says a Voice, ever so gently, “Rage is always at war with Love!” “How can that be?” I ask, confused, “Today is Christmas, when you the Prince of Peace came down, to bring calm to a troubled world!” “The men of war hate those that come with peace! They love the anger and division they can instill and ignite in the hearts of men.

They rule through rage!”“But can’t their people see?” I cry. “To see love, one needs to still one’s heart!” said the Voice from above, “and to still your heart one needs to stop listening to those who rant against love!” “And there are many Lord!” I whisper.

“And there will be many more to come!” whispers the Voice from above, “Many more leaders who with rage as their ammunition will pit man against man and neighbour against neighbour! They will hound those who believe in me, because peace and calm are weapons they are afraid of! Weapons that will make them powerless, whereas rage with lies bolstering their venom ignites division in listeners and makes them incite mobs to bully the peaceful! I watch a Putin using same rage and a Trump starting his bonfire of hate again.

I see the same closer home, and weep, till that same still voice from the Christmas manger speaks across two thousand years and whispers triumphantly, “But finally, I win..!”