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    PBC pensioners’ woes

    Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan) has been suffering from grave financial crisis for quite some time. Recently it has drastically cut pension of its retired employees by as much as 50 per cent. Now more than four thousand retired employees, ranking from naib qasid/drivers to controllers/directors have been exposed to severe financial problems due to prevailing ever-increasing cost of living and prices of essential daily use articles skyrocketing. There was no prior information and even afterwards about this extraordinary extreme step unheard of for decades together. It is also not known when remaining 50 percent of pension will be paid to retired employees. When some of the retired employees contacted concerned PBC officials, they were bluntly told that they will be paid only as and when required money becomes available.

    Retired employees have been paid their pension regularly for decades together at the start of every month. Only last month, they got their pension on October 10 and this month on November 17/18,2022 whereas the regular employees were paid their salaries a week earlier. Large number of retired employees live in rented premises and are worried as how they will be paying house rent, utility bills and other necessary expenditures. They have appealed to President of Pakistan, the Prime Minister as well as Chief Justice of Pakistan for immediate intervention and save them from lingering financial crisis.



    Promoting economic chaos & mistrust

    No political party, individual or group is more important than Pakistan. Every state institution exists to serve citizens of Pakistan as per their defined constitutional role. Millions of Muslims lost their lives or were displaced and slaughtered during migration to Pakistan. Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and scores of pioneers of our freedom movement took part in a historic struggle to win freedom, so that its citizens could live and breathe in a modern democratic welfare state. This country was not created for a monarchy, dictatorship or a theocracy but a country created meant to be ruled by people for their benefit, free to practice their faith without fear. No individual, be he/she Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Zardari, Musharraf, Kiyani etc is more important than Pakistan. Every individual is mortal and graveyards of this world are a proof that we are all dispensable. Pakistan must survive so that our future generations can live in peace, free from Hinduvta mindset, extremism and terrorism of all shades and opinions.

    The senseless manner in which politicians of Pakistan, in their struggle for political power, are advocating rumours or news that Pakistan is on verge of defaulting, are doing no service to this country. What purpose is served, if every day this chorus is repeated that God Forbid, Pakistan is heading for a Sri Lanka type situation? Collective efforts need to be made across political divide to bring this country out of impending crisis, instead of spreading disharmony, which is likely to impact foreign direct investment and bail-out packages, we need. There is no doubt that Pakistan faces an economic crunch, because of years of continuous poor and shady governance, financial indiscipline and conflicts of interests of ruling elected/paid elite, since 1958. This has not happened in past 6 months, but is the cumulative impact of abuse of powers by successive governments.

    Ali Malik Tariq


    Deforestation in Balochistan

    Balochistan is one of the largest provinces of Pakistan, but unfortunately it is facing worst deforestation. According to experts, forests should cover at least 25% of total area of a country. But unfortunately in Balachistan, only 2.1% of the total area is covered with forest. Deforestation today is a main environmental concern in the world. Deforestation includes cutting down, burning, and destructing of forest. It is the first link in a chain of environment degradation that includes erosion, climate, changes, air pollution and loss of hardwood and fuel wood. Like rest of the country forest are being cut down in Balochistan at a petrifying rate. Balachistan is not self sufficient in wood based products and resources are shrinking at a rate of one percent, which will have dreadful effects on people of Balochistan. Due to less supply of gas, people cut down trees for heating purposes in many areas. Increasing deforestation is decreasing biodiversity


    Khzudar, Balochistan

    Help for flood victims

    THE devastating floods have caused widespread miseries, while post-flood issues are bound to take their own toll. Many philanthropists and relief organisations have put in remarkable efforts yet issue is too massive. The government should deliver promptly because flood victims are pinning their hopes on its ability to deliver.




    Forests are natural wealth of any country that keeps environment pleasant around. As somebody said, “No place in the world looks beautiful without forests.” Forests are natural gifts for a country, yet unfortunately in Pakistan they are being cut excessively in some areas. People are intentionally cutting trees for their personal uses such as roads, building and urbanisation. In Pakistan, approximately 70% people use firewood for cooking in household. Every year Pakistan losses approximately 27000 hectares of forest, this aimless deforestation is responsible for climate change. Owing to it people are facing unbearable consequences. So, relevant authorities must restrict this process in the country and increase forest cover to save environment. Already floods have killed hundreds of people and destroyed their houses in country


    Awaran, Balochistan