Tharis tackle locusts by eating them as food



The swarms of locusts usually bring with them hunger and disaster by eating up all that is green in their host lands but the people in Thar are making the most of a difficult situation. The residents of the desert region of Tharparkar have found a delicious way of dealing with the swarms of locust attacking their farmlands, by cooking dishes of the insect, which is said to be full of protein.
The roadside hotels and Dhabas in the area offering dishes to their customers made with locusts including traditional biryani and various dishes of curry. The eateries in Chacharo are offering a Karahi and rice with cooked crop-eating grasshoppers. An owner of a restaurant sharing his secret of cooking locusts said the locust has to be cleaned first with its legs and hind portion being detached from the body. Locusts have been long considered a delicacy in this region and a great source of healthy food ingredients.—INP

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