Tense regional situation


Ever since the fascist Modi regime abrogated Articles 370 and 35A depriving the IOK of its special status, Pakistan decided to adopt a robust diplomatic strategy for peaceful resolution of the dispute. But its reactive approach didn’t work even it failed to file the Kashmir Resolution at UNHRC before the scheduled deadline of September 19 owing to its inability to bag required number of backers despite over a dozen members of the OIC, being members of the Council.
The burgeoning tensions between USA and Iran following drone attacks on KSA’s oil installations pose quite a tougher challenge to Pakistan to maintain its neutrality if the situation aggravates further. Though Yemeni Houthi rebels accepted the responsibility of attacks following which the Iranian government has rebutted the allegations of its involvement, US and the Saudi leadership want to teach Iran a lesson. The Iranian government has also warned that any attack on its territory will ignite an all-out war. PM Khan was quick to respond following the attacks saying that Pakistan will always stand by the kingdom in case of any threat to its security. President Trump has announced that additional troops would be deployed in KSA and UAE to ensure security in the region and new sanctions will be imposed on Iran who allegedly carried out the attacks on Saudi oil plants.
Pakistan leadership should not forget that Iran was the first country to recognise Pakistan’s sovereign status and has always been keen to strengthen bilateral relations. Pakistan must never indulge in yet another conflict by putting its own security at stake. Already the peace deal between Afghan Taliban and US leadership has been called off followed by series of terror attacks in Afghanistan. The urgent resolution of both Kashmir dispute and Afghan crisis is desperately needed to avoid further untoward consequences in the region.
As PM Khan is scheduled to meet President Donald Trump and also to address the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on September 27, he should take the opportunity to urge the world leaders to lend their support not only for provision of right of self determination to Kashmiris but also for a peaceful agreement between Afghan Taliban and the US. Also highlight the grave repercussions of a possible war between Iran and US allies that poses an existential threat to the Middle Eastern countries and the world alike.
PM must visit Iran and Russia as soon as possible since both the countries are also key stakeholders in regional and global peace and security. Pakistan desperately needs to improve its ties with these countries. It has to get rid of the dependency on the US. Pakistan is facing many challenges and thus requires adopting a multidimensional diplomatic strategy to avoid involvement in further confrontations. It should vigorously advocate for peaceful resolutions of all issues.

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