Mental health


It is sad to mention that Pakistan is among those countries where mental illnesses are quite common and a burning issue. According to Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH) Pakistanis are getting increasing depressed. It is a bad omen for the state and society. In reality data shows that 37% are victim of depression while 60% of the depression is biological. Actually there are lot of reasons like failure of state institutions to help people, target killings, street crimes, sex related offences including kidnapping, rape and murder of young children play a great role in falling mental health of our people.
There are two types of treatment for depression: medication including various types of anti-depressants and psychological therapy that involves talking with a psychologist or counsellor. According to WHO, depression will be the prevalent disease in the world by 2030 outranking blood pressure, cardiac disease and cancer as well as more women are suffering from depression than men but still we are ignoring this burning issue.

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