Teachers protest against rising disparity in salaries of federal government employees

Zubair Qureshi

A black armbands protest movement of the staff of the Federal Government Colleges started on Friday against rising disparity in the salaries of federal government employees.

The teaching and non-teaching staff attended their colleges, wearing black armbands to raise their issues of pay disparity.

The protest started under the banner of All Government Employees Grand Alliance (AGEGA) on the call of Chief Coordinator AGEGA Rehman Ali Bajwa. The Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) actively took part in the protest.

Dr Rahima Rehman, President of Federal Government College Teachers Association said, “The aim of this peaceful protest is to bring the attention of the government to the issues of unprivileged government employees. Government has granted 150 pc Executive allowances to privileged class of employees forcing the other employees to face skyrocketing prices of goods and fuel.

She demanded 100 pc increase in the House rent, medical and conveyance allowances of the employees, She further demanded release of sufficient funds in house rental ceiling to pay the backlog of rent of the teachers as the owners of the houses are threatening for eviction.On the occasion the teachers warned ig the government did not allow at least 100pc executive relief for them they would be left with no option but to stage a sit-in outside the Prime Minister’s House which would continue till fulfilment of their agenda.


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