Teacher tortures student, breaks arm


In yet another incident of corporal punishment at the educational institutions, a schoolteacher broke the arm of a girl student as she failed to memorize the lesson.

The incident occurred at the Girls Elementary School, located in the limits of PS Rajua in Chiniot, where a school teacher tortured the student and broke her arm as she failed to memorize the lesson.

A student named Muskan said she was tortured by the teacher with an iron rod as she failed to memorize the lesson. The student has been moved to the hospital after her arm was dislocated in corporal punishment. It may be noted that the National Assembly has passed a bill prohibiting all kinds of corporal punishment at educational institutions.

Earlier, police arrested a school teacher in Jhelum after a video went viral showing him torturing two girls.

The video of the teacher’s corporal punishments to the students went viral on social media which was also shared by Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vawda.—INP

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