Taxi drivers say men claiming to be govt employees demanding extra fees



Some taxi drivers have complained about being forced to make payments to individuals at the taxi stations in the capital city of Kabul. The taxi drivers complained that they have a low income and that they cannot meet their families’ demands.

Mohammad Nazeer, who has been working as taxi driver for the past 30 years, said that he is fed up with making payments to these individuals.

“I put the cost of petrol at 1,000 Afs. 100 is being paid to ( the individuals). 100 Afs is the cost of food, and then all we can make is 200 to 250,” he said.

People who introduced themselves as representatives of the Ministry of Transportation said that 200 Afg was paid daily for them, and the rest of the money was given to the Ministry of Transportation.

“I came from 6AM in the morning and it is now 11AM. I paid 30Afs to the (individual). I put the oil cost at 600Afs. If I work and earn 1,200 or 1,300 Afs, I can only take a 300Afs advantage from it,” Asadullah said. But the Ministry of Transportation denies taking money from drivers. “These are opportunists who try to collect money under the name of the Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, a spokesman for the ministry.

The Ministry of Transportation said they sent a plan for the solution of this problem to the prime minister’s office and that after confirmation they will start work on it.—Tolonews

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