‘Governance Shortages’ Main Reasons Afghanistan Under Acting Cabinet



Since the takeover last August, the Islamic Emirate leadership has not yet announced its formal cabinet, citing “governance shortages” of main reasons the country is still running without state officials.

Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid exclaimed lack of a constitution, the inability to create a council, and a few other governance-related issues are some of the main reasons why an official cabinet has not been announced.

“At the moment, our cabinet is acting; however, this is still the result of some wisdom, since there are still some governance shortages in the country that need to be addressed,” he said, as TOLOnews quoted. “For instance, we do not yet have a council, the constitution has not yet been established, and there are still some other issues,” he elaborated. Encouraging unity among people, the spokesman said “let us come together as a nation, and if we achieve stability, the system will no longer be acting.” This came at a time world leaders, including international community, has repeatedly denied formal recognition to the well-known terrorist group, urging the de facto leadership to form an inclusive government in the country.

But the Islamic Emirate officials said the government is already inclusive and they are observing all rights in the country within the Islamic law, adding they have to find a solution for themselves then.

“Tell us so that we truly understand what kind of government you want,” said Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting foreign minister.

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