Tashkent mtg participants show readiness to engage with Kabul


Attending a session held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, the acting foreign minister said the Tashkent International conference was a good opportunity for engagement between the international community and Afghanistan.

Minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi urged countries to accredit Islamic Emirate diplomats in order to create official engagement.

Mutaqqi further said that the conference was constructive for the Islamic Emirate.

“They announced support for engagement, in addition to this they stressed the need for the release of Afghanistan’s assets and the removal of bans,” said Minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi. The acting foreign minister praised the activities of Afghanistan’s political mission in Uzbekistan.

At the conference, the Central Asian countries expressed willingness to connect to South Asia through Afghanistan.

“At the meetings with Central Asian countries, the issue of connecting Central Asian countries to South Asia through Afghanistan was discussed. The issue of increasing economic and trade relations with Afghanistan was also discussed,” said Amir Khan Mutaqqi.

Countering insurgency, upholding human rights, in particular girls’ education, and the forming of a government acceptable to the Afghan people were key demands at the Tashkent conference. The countries also said they are seeking to increase economic relations through Afghanistan with South Asian countries, but they are concerned about insurgency in Afghanistan. “The Central Asian countries’ engagement is important for Afghanistan. If the Taliban-led government wants good relations and engagement with these countries, the government (Afghan government) must attempt to remove these concerns,” said Assadullah Nadim, military expert.

“Uzbekistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan, where explosions and killing do not happen, and Uzbekistan wants a developed economy for Afghanistan,” said Meer Asrar Ahraraf, Uzbek journalist.

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