Tashkent conference was constructive: Muttaqi


The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said he hoped the outcome of the meeting held in Tashkent would be a positive step toward political and economic relations between the Islamic Emirate and the international community.

“Good views were exchanged for economic and transit development and for Afghanistan to become an economic hub,” he said.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the Tashkent conference, Muttaqi said the conference was constructive.

“We hope with this exchange of views and information, the economic and political relations with neighboring, regional and world countries will be incentivized,” he said. However, analysts gave various opinions regarding the conference.

“The participants of the Tashkent conference, especially the American and Europeans, whose vote is important for recognition of Afghanistan, expected Muttaqi to say when the girls’ schools be reopened and women will return to their work in the government, but this did not happen,” said Torek Farhadi, a political analyst.

“They do not have a proper strategy for the reopening of girls’ schools and they want to go around the world with such remarks and pave the way for recognition,” said Hekmatullah Mirzad, a university instructor.

Muttaqi said that the practical work on CASA-2,000, TAPI, TAP and the railway from Termez to Mazar-e-Sharif will be resumed.

Meanwhile, Islamic Emirate’s spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that the Tashkent conference on Afghanistan will be held on Tuesday.

The two-day conference was previously planned for Monday. The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, is heading a delegation from the Islamic Emirate to participate in the conference in Tashkent.

On the sidelines of the conference, Muttaqi has held talks with several senior officials of the Uzbekistan government including the Deputy National Security Adviser for Uzbekistan, a spokesman for MoFA said, adding that important bilateral projects were discussed.

Speaking to reporters in Uzbekistan, acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said they expect the Tashkent conference to be positive for the Afghan and regional economy. He said the Islamic Emirate is ready to engage with all countries around the world.

“We are ready to have engagement with the world countries. The Islamic Emirate has control all over Afghanistan and we call on the world to engage politically and economically,” he said.

The Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan said that the conference follows two previous conferences held over the past four years to end war and ensure peace in Afghanistan.

“Our engagement with other countries is a good. One example is the Tashkent conference which shows Afghanistan has no problem in engaging with the world countries,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

The conference will be attended by representatives of Russia, the EU, the US, China, the UK, Japan, Iran, Pakistan and multiple other Asian countries.

The US State Dept in a statement said US special envoys Thomas West and Rina Amiri will travel to Uzbekistan to attend the International Conference on Afghanistan on July 25-26.

“During the conference, the U.S. delegation will join the international community to underscore our unwavering support for the Afghan people and to call on the Taliban to fulfill their commitments to the Afghan people and the international community,” the statement said. “The international community is committed to a stable, peaceful, and inclusive Afghanistan that respects the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Afghans – including women and ethnic and religious communities – and that prevents terrorist threats from Afghan soil.”—Tolonews

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