Taliban terms China major partner, says value Belt and Road Initiative


KABUL – The Taliban said on Thursday that China will be their “major partner” in efforts to rebuilt war-torn Afghanistan.

The group’s spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid in an interview with an Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Wednesday said that China is ready to make the investment in Afghanistan and help rebuild Afghanistan.

He clearly stated the Taliban value China’s Belt and Road Initiative as the multi-billion dollar project will revive the ancient Silk Road.

Mujahid said that China is also a “passport” for Afghanistan to reach international markets, adding that the neighbouring country will help them to utilize its rich copper resources.

Calling Russian an important partner in the region, he said that Kabul will maintain good relations with Moscow.

The Taliban spokesperson said that Turkey and Qatar are helping them in resumption of flight operation at the Kabul airport.

“The airport should be clean within the next three days and will be rebuilt in a short time. I hope it will be operational again in September,” he said.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on Aug. 15, ousting West-backed President Ashraf Ghani’s government.

The group is expected to make an announcement about the government on Friday.

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