Tablighi Ijtima begins amid ‘strict social distancing’


The three-day annual international Tablighi Ijtima (congregation) has started in Raiwind, in the suburbs of the provincial metropolis on Thursday. This year, only 50,000 people from all over Pakistan are attending one of the largest Muslims congregations. No foreign member of the Tablighi Ijtima was invited nor allowed to attend the gathering due to the global pandemic. Tablighi Ijtima Shura (council) had earlier decided to strictly follow the government’s standard operation procedures (SOPs) and instructions in organising the annual gathering, which usually is attended by over a million people from all over the world.
The final supplications (Dua) will be held on November 8, and then the attendees will leave for their respective areas by following Covid-19 SOPs. During the three-day congregation, the main Tablighi centre in Raiwind will remain closed.

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