Syrian war grinds on


INNOCENT civilians continue to bear the brunt of the prolonged civil war in Syria by rendering their blood with the world community apparently and lamentably forgotten its responsibility towards bringing this cycle of violence to an end.
With each passing day the situation is becoming worse for the Syrians. According to the United Nations, more than one hundred civilians including twenty six children were killed in air raids in last two weeks in northwest Syria. Unfortunately, the targets of these air raids were civilian objects including hospitals, schools and markets. UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet is very much accurate in her observation that it seems highly unlikely given the persistent pattern of such attacks that they are all being hit by accident. One also cannot ignore the plight of the displaced people. The increased violence has left over four hundred thousand people displaced since April. It appears the eight year-long conflict has fallen off the international radar and the situation undoubtedly could further worsen if no attention was paid to its resolution through peaceful means. Instead of preparing for another war in Iran that will further plunge the region into chaos and anarchy, major capitals need to rise above their vested interests, sit together with the warring parties and explore peaceful ways to bring this long war to an end which have already claimed millions of lives and displaced millions others. We will ask the UN Secretary General António Guterres to embark upon a peace mission to broker a peace deal. Mere issuing statements will not bring any relief to the lives of Syrians. It is rather time for taking some concrete actions. A potential peace keeping mission in Syria with strong mandate can serve the purpose which should not only go after terrorist organizations but also ensure stabilization of the country. In addition, there needs to be considerable political capital which fosters dialogue within Syrian society and, at the same time, limits the intrusion of external actors.

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