Syngenta introduces ‘Vibrance Duo’ formula, revolutionizing seed-treatment



Syngenta is a leading multinational enterprise, revolutionizing the global agricultural sector. Syngenta Pakistan Limited (SPL) has now introduced ‘Vibrance Duo’ – the company’s latest formula for wheat seed-treatment.

This product is a flow-able concentrate containing two chemicals; Fludioxonil and Sedaxane, which ensure strong root-foundation, while also saving the crop from soil and seed-borne diseases i.e. Loose Smut, Bunt.

‘Vibrance Duo’ helps in fetching higher yields and better returns on investments by shielding roots and crops against diseases. It makes sure that the crop germinates well & grows better in different weather conditions. By introducing the Seed Treaters, Syngenta has taken a step forward in its aim of mechanizing Pakistan’s agricultural sector at large. Other benefits of Vibrance Duo include ease of use and high profitability.

Timely application of ‘Vibrance Duo’ promises safety from soil & seed borne fungal diseases, which is a primary concern of the wheat-cultivators. This product will ensure better Return-On-Investment (ROI), by increasing the crop-yield of wheat.

Syngenta’s “Naya Savera” franchise-centers also provide free seed treatment facilities to the farmers, who opt for Vibrance Duo for the treatment of the seeds. Its latest equipment is also available for on-farm seed-treatment service, especially for the large acreage.

One acre of land uses 50 Kg of wheat-seed, which is difficult to be treated manually, in areas where the average land-holdings are vast. The ‘Seed Treater has become a game-changer in large scale agriculture, as it treats a 50 kg bag of seeds in 5 minutes only.


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