Swati vows to take Railways out of losses

Staff Reporter

Minister for Railways Azam Swati vowed on Thursday to take the department out of losses by outsourcing trains, its schools and hospitals which were running at a low ebb.

Talking to journalists at local railways station here, he said foolproof steps were being adopted for well-being of passengers who approached at railways platforms.

He said railways possessed golden lands where five stars hotels were planned to be constructed. He asked people to point out lands to be retrieved sharply through Rangers.

The minister hailed the department’s officer, saying that they were doing with best of their capacity. However, it had been facing the music only because of some black sheep, he termed.

We had downsized four officers today by virtue of some wrong practices being committed at their hands.

Referring the department being run at big loss, Swati said inordinate measures were being taken to put the department on right track.

He pinpointed that thousands of trucks came up at dry ports, but hundreds out of them were put on record. Corrupt persons must be discouraged by and large, he maintained.

The minister expressed hope that railways’ losses would be taken down to ground zero within six to eight months.

He said diesel was being theft, even tickets’ money were reported to be stolen at different railways stations.

I myself would purge the department of corruption, he remarked. He said he had abolished ‘minister’s expenditure’.

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