Swati appers before SC’s human rights cell

Azam Swati

Says ‘honour ripped apart’

Speaking of his ‘custodial torture’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Azam Swati appeared before the Supreme Court’s (SC) human rights cell on Thursday, and stated his honour had been ripped apart and he was living like a “breathing corpse”.

Talking to media outside the apex court, Swati said, “I live and die everyday. Arshad Sharif has been martyred, why was I left alive?”

The senator got emotionally overwhelmed during the talk, stating that he has been unable to sleep. “Every time I fall asleep, I wake up 15 minutes later,” the PTI senator said, adding that he will not give up until those who did wrong to him are brought to justice.

“My honour was shattered in a blow. I ask, is a tweet my only crime?” he said.

Swati submitted a written reply in the SC including medical reports as well as other documents and also met the director general of the human rights cell.

In his written reply, the PTI leader stated that three masked men took him from his home to an unknown location, stripped him naked and made videos of him.

“When I regained consciousness, one person was asking the other to tell the sector commander and General Faisal that Swati is half dead,” the senator further wrote.

Swati further mentioned that he offered the concerned judge to show the torture marks on his sensitive parts.

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