Supreme Court witnesses decline in pending cases


At the close of the Autumn 2022 Session of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, data about the disposal of cases as against fresh institution in the current calendar year 2022 (till 16.12.2022) showed a reduction in the number of pending cases by a figure of 2,653.

A reduction in the pendency has taken place for the first time in the year 2022 after the computerization of Supreme Court records was started in the year 2013, said a press release.

The positive result has been achieved by the extraordinary efforts of the Judges of the Supreme Court, who have since February 2022 been working at less full strength of the Court.

This data is based on figures pertaining to petitions and appeals and excludes miscellaneous cases arising in the said matters. A chart reflecting the comparative data since 2013 for institution and disposal of cases and its impact on the pendency of cases (difference) is reproduced below:

It said that in 2013, institution cases were 12,223 and disposal number was 9,060 with a difference of +3,163, in 2014 institution cases were 12,677 and disposal 12,614 with a difference of +1,063, in 2015 institution and disposal cases were 15,544 and 12,277 respectively with a difference of +4,367; in 2016 institution cases number was 18,849 and disposal 14,638 with a difference of +4,211; and in 2017, institution cases were 19,469 and disposal number was 13,946 with a difference of +5,623.Similarly, in 2018, institution cases were 19,390 and the disposal number was 16,961 with a difference of +2,429; in 2019, institution cases were 20,313 and the disposal number was 15,533 with a difference of +4,780; in 2020, institution cases were 16,860 and disposal number was 13,030 with a difference of +3,830; in 2021, institution cases were 20,541and the disposal number was 13,280 with a difference of +7,261; while in 2022, institution cases were 17,379 and the disposal number was 20,032 with a difference of -2,653.