Zafar lauds US team for recognizing skills of Pakistani doctors



Doctors and engineers are valuable assets of the beloved country; the recognition of their high level professional skills abroad is a matter of great honor and dignity for every Pakistani because they are providing services in various fields, especially in medicine while maintaining their identity away from Pakistan.

This was expressed by a delegation based in United States of America under the leadership of renowned Engineer Syed Anwar Hasnaat during a meeting with the Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar.

The members of the delegation said that the increase in fame and popularity of medical education of Ameer Uddin Medical College (AMC) and Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) located in Provincial Metropolis is indeed a good omen for all overseas living thousands mile away. Principal told that 2 male & 2 female students of the same session of AMC set a new record in the medical world by getting 11 to 29 medals respectively, which will be remembered for a long time in medical history.

He praised the quality of medical education of Ameer Uddin Medical College and said that this Institution has earned good name in a short span of time and apart from Pakistan, its talent and ability is now being talked about abroad as well.

Syed Anwar Hasnaat said that Principal Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar, teachers and parents of students deserve congratulations by sparing no effort for their education and proper training.

He said that it has become clear that Pakistani youth is second to none in talent and intelligence, but the need is that MBBS students should face the challenges of the 21st century by discovering the treatment of emerging diseases for which students should give full attention to research so that they can adapt themselves to the requirements of the present time.

Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar told the delegation from abroad in the briefing that doctors from Pakistan and abroad come for diploma degree courses (specialization) in PGMI, with this facility Pakistani doctors can go abroad for higher education which saves their time and money. Prof. Zafar further said that quality medical facilities are being provided to the patients in LGH and all the resources are being used to make this ancient treatment center state of the art.